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The Forever Free API

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Hacker types! I know you’re here to get your hands dirty with GPTJ and CLIP so jump straight to using the free APIs. For those who do want to hang around, here’s a story:Why we’re (re)launching the Free APIIn 2... Read More

Kyle Morris: a new Banana Cofounder

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Hi everyone, I'm Erik. I founded Booste nearly two years ago. The core focus over the many iterations of Booste has been consistent: "how do we turn this into one line of code?"I've been a solo founder, weaving in and out of cloud in... Read More

Booste rebrands to Banana

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Boost rebrands to Banana
When we started Booste, we wanted to choose a name quickly and move on, so an AI-powered startup name generator cranked out and we rolled with it.Two years and a dozen iterations later, we've landed on something we're incredibly excited to bring into the world. And... Read More