GPUs for Scale

Inference hosting for AI teams who ship fast and scale faster.

Built for high-throughput inference

Banana scales your GPUs up and down automatically, keeping costs low and performance high.

GPU Replicas

High scale can be simple

Banana puts you in the driver's seat.


Performance monitoring and debugging, built-in.

View request traffic, latency, and errors in real-time. Pinpoint bottlenecks. Debug with ease.

Business Analytics

Account for every dollar, and every request.

Track spend and monitor endpoint usage over time, to understand your business and your customers.

Automation API

We won't box you in. Extend Banana with our API.

Banana is built with an open API, with SDKs and a CLI you can use to automate your deployments.

Powered by Potassium

Write your backend, your way, powered by our open-source http framework.

from potassium import Potassium, Request, Response
from transformers import pipeline
app = Potassium("my_app")
def init():
    model = pipeline('fill-mask', model='bert-base-uncased', device=0)
    context = {
        "model": model
    return context
def handler(context, request):
    model = context.get("model")
    prompt = request.json.get("prompt")
    outputs = model(prompt)
    return Response(status=200, json = {"outputs": outputs[0]})

Pricing you won't outgrow

We charge a flat monthly rate + the cost of compute. Zero markup.


For small teams with big ambitions.

+ at-cost compute 
  • 10 Team Members
  • 5 Projects
  • 50 Max Parallel GPUs
  • Custom GPU Types
  • Logging + Search
  • Percent Utilization Autoscaling
  • Request Analytics
  • Business Analytics
  • Branch Deployments
  • Environments
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Enterprise-grade support and features.

+ at-cost compute 
  • Everything in Team plus:
  • Automation API
  • Higher parallel GPUs
  • Customizable inference queues
  • Build Pipeline GPUs
  • Dedicated Support
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Banana Delivery (SF Only)

CEO hand-delivers bananas to your office.

  • Yummy
  • Rich in potassium
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Ship fast, scale faster

Use Banana for scale.

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