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Scale your machine learning inference and training on serverless GPUs.

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What does Banana do?

Banana provides inference hosting for ML models in three easy steps and a single line of code.

Deploy models to production faster and cheaper with our serverless GPUs than developing the infrastructure yourself.

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Serverless GPU Hosting.

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Build your business,
not complex infra.

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The Banana team has built something amazing. The system bursts up to 10+ GPUs when we need the throughput, back down to 0 when we don't, and we only pay for exactly what we use. It's fantastic.

Morgan Gallant - CEO -

Banana is pretty great! I've been running backend ML processes for my AI stock photo site with it. The team has been super helpful and Iā€™m happy I went with them for serving my ML models.

John Dagdelen - Founder -

ML hosting made easy.

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Serverless Pricing

Only pay for the resources you use. That's the power of Banana.

Usage Pricing

Only pay for GPU compute you use

  • 1 hour of FREE credits šŸ’ø
  • Run on A100 GPUs
  • ML Models up to 16GB
  • Autoscaling
  • Spike Tolerance (up to 25 replicas)
  • Network Payload up to 50MB
  • System Latency ~700ms
  • Avg. Cold Boot ~5 seconds
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For companies spending $1k+ monthly on ML cloud compute

10-40%/off usage rate
  • Everything in Usage Pricing
  • Best for companies spending $1000+ month on ML hosting
  • Dedicated SLA Response Time
  • Increased Spike Tolerance (25+ replicas)
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