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Scaleable inference hosting for your machine learning models on serverless GPUs.

Code editor graphic with the lines of code needed to deploy machine learning on Banana.

What does Banana do?

Banana provides inference hosting for ML models in three easy steps and a single line of code.

Deploy models to production faster and cheaper with our serverless GPUs than developing the infrastructure yourself.

Our Discord is going 🍌's

Hundreds of members building ML + AI products.
Simply put, it's the place to be.

Build your business,
not complex infra.

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The Banana team has built something amazing. The system bursts up to 10+ GPUs when we need the throughput, back down to 0 when we don't, and we only pay for exactly what we use. It's fantastic.

Morgan Gallant - CEO -

Banana is pretty great! I've been running backend ML processes for my AI stock photo site with it. The team has been super helpful and I’m happy I went with them for serving my ML models.

John Dagdelen - Founder -

How to Deploy on Banana

Three easy steps to deploy your ML models.

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Create Banana Account

Sign up and connect your GitHub to Banana's git-based deployment app.

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Choose Deployment Method

Deploy a custom model or prebuilt model. We'll handle the build for you.

Code editor with the code to deploy machine learning on Banana.

Call Your Model in Production

Use our open source client SDKs to call your model with a single line of code.

Get Started!

Enjoy 1 hour of free hosting on us 🍌

Serverless GPU Hosting.

Get 1 hour of free serverless hosting πŸ’Έ

Serverless GPU Hosting

Reduce Model Cold Start by 99.4%

An out of the box GPT-J model takes 25 minutes to β€œcold start”. With Banana, it takes 10 seconds.

Available for all Models

Banana can provide Serverless GPUs for any model architecture.

10x Cost Savings

Banana can scale GPUs from zero when calls come in. Only pay for GPU resources you need (utilization time) rather than expensive "always on" GPU resources.


No sales calls = Bliss.

Try out Banana with 1 hour of FREE hosting πŸ’Έ

Why use Banana?

For scale, of course.

Simple Self Serve Setup

Sign up and follow our quickstart guide. Your models will be deployed in minutes, not months.

Auto-Scaling & Spike Tolerance

Our infrastructure is flexible in real-time and scales with you as you grow. We can handle zero to one scaling.

GPU Parallelism

Enjoy 3x or higher throughput on your calls than what you get anywhere else. You pay for GPU seconds, so doing 3x more calls per second is a pretty sweet deal.

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ML hosting made easy.

Try now with 1 hour of free hosting πŸ’Έ

Banana Unblocks You

Flexible hosting built by engineers, for engineers.


Stop Worrying About Cloud Quotas

Say goodbye to headaches about cloud quota. We have all the cloud capacity you'll need to scale.

Community of MLOps Experts

Our team and community of Banana users are here to troubleshoot and support your deployment.

Engineer-led Customer Support

Our support and engineering team are the same people. You get support from world-class MLOps engineers.

Serverless GPUs are here.

Go serverless with 1 hour of FREE hosting πŸ’Έ

Simple Pricing.

Only pay for the resources you use. That's the power of Banana.


Only pay for GPU compute you use.

  • 1 hour of FREE credits πŸ’Έ
  • Run on A100 GPUs
  • ML Models up to 16GB
  • Network Payload up to 50MB
  • 250ms to 1sec Latency per Call
  • Auto-Scaling
  • Spike & Fault Tolerance
  • Load Balancing
  • GPU Parallelism
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