Changelog #030

September 01, 2023

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Playground and Templates

We're excited to introduce three new models to our playground this week:

  1. segmentation: This model can segment audio, a feature that is particularly useful for projects requiring differentiation between speakers in a conversation. Imagine inputting a phone call between you and a friend, and the model being able to detect different speakers on the call. Explore this model here.
  2. stable-diffusion-xl-base-1.0: With this model, you can generate high-quality images. Try it out here.
  3. CodeLlama-7B-Instruct-GPTQ: Following last week's announcement, the LLM community has been exploring Code Llama models. We're thrilled to bring one of them to our playground!

If you want any of the other Code Llama models deployed as an endpoint on Banana, they are all available as templates. Find them in this post 🦙.

Documentation Enhancements

We've made significant updates to our documentation to address common issues our users face:

We've got you covered. We've extensively updated our documentation to address these issues, with a particular focus on how to handle Potassium. Check out the updated guide here 📄.

If you have any feature suggestions, improvements, or bug reports, send us a message or let us know in #support or #feature-requests on Discord.