How to Deploy and Run DialoGPT (ChatGPT competitor?!)

February 23, 2022How to Deploy and Run DialoGPT (ChatGPT competitor?!)

Deprecated: This blog article is deprecated. We strive to rapidly improve our product and some of the information contained in this post may no longer be accurate or applicable. For the most current instructions on deploying a model like DialoGPT to Banana, please check our updated documentation.

DialoGPT is an excellent chatbot alternative to ChatGPT. If you are looking to build a chatbot application, but want to use an open-source AI model we highly recommend you look at and try DialoGPT.

To help you get started, we made a 4-minute video tutorial showing you how simple and easy it is to deploy DialoGPT to Banana's serverless GPU infrastructure. This tutorial is beginner-friendly, very little coding experience is required to follow along.

For reference, we're using this DialoGPT template on Banana for the tutorial.

What is DialoGPT?

DialoGPT is an open source chatbot model developed by Microsoft. DialoGPT is able to have natural conversational dialogue across a wide variety of topics, tasks, and informational requests. A fun fact about the model is that it has been trained on 147 million Reddit discussion threads, so it's safe to say this model can talk with some sass (we assume).

VIDEO - DialoGPT Deployment Tutorial

Video Notes & Resources:

We mentioned a few resources and links in the tutorial, here they are.

In the tutorial we used a virtual environment on our machine to run our demo model. If you are wanting to create your own virtual environment use these commands (Mac):

What are other alternatives to ChatGPT and DialoGPT?

If DialoGPT is not a fit for your chatbot application, you still have some other open-source options available to you. We compiled a list of ChatGPT alternatives if you are curious to see comparable models, or jump over to our Blenderbot model deployment tutorial as this model is commonly compared to DialoGPT.

Wrap Up

Reach out to us if you have any questions or want to talk about DialoGPT. We're around on our Discord or by tweeting us on Twitter. What other machine learning models would you like to see a deployment tutorial for? Let us know!