Kyle Morris: a new Banana Cofounder

Kyle Morris: a new Banana Cofounder

Hi everyone, I'm Erik. I founded Booste nearly two years ago. The core focus over the many iterations of Booste has been consistent: "how do we turn this into one line of code?"

I've been a solo founder, weaving in and out of cloud infrastructure, and exploring all along the development pipeline from dev to staging to deployment and production. And then one idea took off.

Booste has become Twilio for Machine Learning.

We're building an open, community-driven platform for people to publish and use machine learning models as simple Twilio-like APIs. Our vision is to make it as collaborative as Github, where experts and noobs come together at the same table to build on top of each other and make AI-powered applications beyond what we'd ever be able to imagine.

We've recently found explosive traction and raised nearly $2m in capital. But this pales in comparison to what we need to do as a team over the next ten years.

With this in mind, I'm proud to publicly announce that we're bringing on Kyle Morris as a cofounder at Booste.

Kyle completed a computer science degree at the University of Manitoba and then entered Harvard Business School. He has several years of experience as an AI engineer programming autonomous cars at Cruise, publishing research at CMU, and winning international AI competitions. He also has several years of experience as a founder, where he has turned down acquisition offers on previous startups. He has since spent the last year building Audiblogs, an AI-powered text-to-speech startup that ran into the same ML infra/ops obstacles we're solving at Booste.

Most importantly, Kyle is a trusted friend. We met two years ago in a hacker home in San Francisco and I have been trying to recruit Kyle over the lifetime of Booste. As we've found traction, it's clear we need to gear up with the smartest folks we know, and Kyle is most definitely a bar raiser. We're hyped to welcome him to the team.