Changelog 043

December 15, 2023Changelog 043

Friday Changelog:

"It's Time To Build" - Banana team, in a unique quote, definitely not from anyone else

New Build Pipeline

We've rebuilt the build system from the ground up, ready for the next 100x scale.

Users on the new system get the benefits of:

And it's more secure

Build VMs are now completely destroyed after use, ensuring your code stays your code.

Faster Build Logs

With the new build pipeline, logs are streamed realtime so it will be much simpler to understand and debug builds.

Build History In UI

The builds tab now shows Builds as a history. This enables upcoming features such as rollbacks and redeploys.

Banana Build History

Build Logs In CLI

Running banana deploy from the Banana CLI now will stream logs from the build into the terminal so you can monitor it from the comfort of the command line.

Banana Build Log Streaming