Changelog #007

Changelog #007

graphic for our changelog 007 with a code editor running ml model deployment code.

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Shipped Build + Runtime Logs


I hear you like visibility.

You like actually knowing what's going on.

You don't like blindly lobbing your builds and calls into a black box.

Well you're in luck, because we've shipped logs!

Build Logs: Shipped

Debug your build-time errors right in the Banana app.

Runtime Logs: Shipped

Keep an eye on live traffic, better understand your app behavior, or catch that illusive bug with runtime logs. Also found in the Banana app!


Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 5.52.21 PM.png

To use it:

Click into your model on the main dashboard view to access logs.

Chased Down Some Latency Bugs

Gotta go fast!

Users were reporting irregularities between calls, and we root caused and patched that up. We're still working our way toward extremely tight tolerances on latencies. Stay tuned!

Grew Our Discord

Our Discord has been bumping! Everything from Open Source contributions to AI generated tequila drink recipes can be found in the community.

Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 5.59.34 PM.png

Hop on in!

If you have any feature suggestions, improvements, or bug reports, send us a message or let us know in #support or #feature-requests on Discord.