Changelog #005

Changelog #005

graphic for our changelog 005 with a code editor running ml model deployment code.

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100% Self-Serve Sign Up

We're stoked about this one. As engineers ourselves, we think it's super annoying when you sign up for a product and are forced to book a sales call or get blocked in onboarding waiting for the company to give access. That's not our style here at Banana - so we prioritized making a change. Welcome to fully self-serve onboarding.

Previously, you could sign up for Banana and get about 95% of the way to deployment in a self-serve fashion, it was only at the end of your onboarding setup where you needed to email our team to finish up and get deployed.

Now, deploying on Banana looks something like this.

  1. Build off our serverless template GitHub repo
  2. Install Banana GitHub App to your repo
  3. Create/Login to your Banana account to setup payment and link your GitHub
  4. Deploy to Production

That's pretty freaking smooth. 🍌

Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 1.50.08 PM.png

Billing Management Portal

In worth mentioning that in making our deployment process fully self-serve, we also improved our payments system and transparency. Once you have your payment method linked in your Banana account with Stripe you can hop in there and see your billing history and manage your billing.

Launching on Product Hunt (July 21st)

One last thing! Banana is officially launching on Product Hunt next week on Thursday (July 21st). We would really appreciate if you showed up online and supported our launch that day! If you have been enjoying your experience with Banana and believe in where we can take this product, please head to our pre-launch page and subscribe to be notified when we launch on Thursday. We ❤️ y'all!

Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 10.24.55 AM.png

If you have any feature suggestions, improvements, or bug reports, send us a message or let us know in #support or #feature-requests on Discord.