Booste rebrands to Banana

Booste rebrands to Banana

Boost rebrands to Banana

When we started Booste, we wanted to choose a name quickly and move on, so an AI-powered startup name generator cranked out and we rolled with it.

Two years and a dozen iterations later, we've landed on something we're incredibly excited to bring into the world. And it seemed suitable to give it a memorable name.

Booste is now Banana.


Firstly because it's hilarious, and why the hell not.

Secondly because, with our goal to bring ML experts and noobs to the same table, we need an approachable brand. Nothing self-serious. So we've decided to just go full-meme. Excitement and having fun are important to us, and we want to perpetuate that in our image and community.

Reddit users know the "Banana for scale" meme. Many developers are redditors. So back in March, we had the idea: what if developers used banana for scale too?

We promptly bought the domain and sat on it for a bit, trying not to get distracted from the explosive growth we've been handling.

We've finally decided: no time like the present.

With that, it's time to put a cap on Booste and welcome a new era of Banana.