Deprecation Notice

As of February 13, 2023 this free API is no longer supported.

We're still a young startup, doing significant iteration. We've maintained these APIs for months knowing they no longer fit our business model, and now we need to officially stop supporting them.

You can find all sorts of prebuilt model templates (paid) at

Godsend programmers,
Erik (Founder, CEO)

Node.js API Docs

Free-to-use pretrained models, with one line of code.

Install Banana

Download the Typescript / Node.js client package

If you have not already, download and install node.js.

At the root of your npm project directory, run this terminal command:

npm install @banana-dev/banana-dev

Get Your API Key

Follow this button to the Dashboard to view your API key:

Choose Your Model:

You'll find example code for each model in their docs.
Select one below to get started:


The highest quality public GPT model


A general purpose computer vision model


A general purpose image classifier