Deploy Galactica in ~3 minutes.

Use our 1-click Galactica model or customize your own version.

How to Deploy Galactica

Video tutorial demonstrating how to deploy Galactica to serverless GPUs.

Serverless GPUs = Affordable.

Run Galactica without burning cash.

Code editor graphic with the lines of code needed to deploy machine learning on Banana.

What does Banana do?

Banana provides inference hosting for ML models in three easy steps and a single line of code.

Deploy models to production faster and cheaper with our serverless GPUs than developing the infrastructure yourself.

Simple Pricing.

Only pay for the GPU compute you use. That's the power of Banana.


We charge in GPU seconds.

  • 1-Click Stable Diffusion Template
  • Auto-Scaling
  • Spike & Fault Tolerance
  • Load Balancing
  • GPU Parallelism
  • Configurable Model Timeout
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Why use Serverless GPUs?

Ready to Scale

When you need to scale bi-directionally based on demand and keep a great customer experience.

Cost Savings

When you need to gain cost efficiency and your spend for “always-on” GPUs is too expensive.

Speed to Market

When you need a reliable hosting solution quickly and/or prefer moving fast over building in-house.

Use Banana for scale. logo as an icon.