Join us!

We host ML models, but we also host events. 🍌


Event Agenda

Join us Sept 9th @ 2PM PST at Founders, Inc as we Build an AI Startup in 1 hr led by Kyle Morris. (CEO of OthersideAI).

Kyle is the Co-Founder & CTO of Banana.

Banana Builder Series #2 - Matt Shumer OthersideAI.png

Welcome to Banana's Office 🍌

We have a kickass virtual office here at Banana.

Our team is global and 100% remote (except when we meetup IRL) so we made sure the virtual office isn't boring to hangout in. You might find go karts, animals, and hidden rooms throughout the office.

You'll be welcomed into Banana's office and will join us in the fireside chat room and our happy hour garden.