How to Deploy on Banana

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🍌 Deploy to Banana Serverless

For deploying a custom model, proceed with Step 1.
For deploying a 1-click model, skip Step 1 and begin on Step 2.

  1. Follow all the instructions of our Serverless Template to create a banana-compatible repo

  2. Log into the Banana Dashboard

  3. Select "New Model"

  4. Choose your deployment:

    • For custom models, choose "Deploy from your GitHub Repo". Select the git repo you plan to deploy.
    • For 1-click models, choose "Instant Deploy from a Template". Select the model you plan to deploy.
  1. Let it build (approx. 20 mins)

  2. Call it via any of our SDKs:

You can monitor buildtime and runtime logs by clicking the logs button in the model view on the Banana Dashboard